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What type of food does Sixty Smith serve?

Sixty Smith regulary refers to its cuisine as "modern Australian share plate"

Modern Australian cuisine is a culinary style that emerged in Australia in the late 20th century, reflecting the multicultural diversity of the country's population and ingredients. It blends elements from various culinary traditions, including Indigenous Australian, British, European, Asian, and Mediterranean influences.

Key characteristics of modern Australian cuisine include:

  1. Use of fresh, local ingredients: Sixty Smiths chefs prioritize using fresh, seasonal produce sourced locally whenever possible. This emphasis on quality ingredients often results in vibrant and flavorful dishes.

  2. Incorporation of Indigenous ingredients and techniques: Modern Australian cuisine frequently incorporates native Australian ingredients such as kangaroo, emu, native herbs and spices like lemon myrtle, finger lime, and wattleseed. Indigenous cooking techniques, such as smoking and bush tucker-inspired preparations, also contribute to the uniqueness of the cuisine. Of all the hallmarks of Modern Australian cuisine this is the one you will find the least of coming out of the kitchen at Sixty Smith (you will see some). However, if you are looking for some interesting local ingredients in a cocktail as our bartenders for a tasty treat.

  3. Integration of multicultural influences: Australia's diverse population has contributed to the fusion of flavors and techniques from around the world. Sixty Smiths dishes regularly feature Asian-inspired flavors, Mediterranean ingredients, and techniques from various culinary traditions.

  4. Innovation and creativity: Our chefs are known for their innovation and creativity in the kitchen. They often experiment with unconventional flavor combinations and cooking methods, resulting in dishes that are both inventive and delicious.

  5. Emphasis on seafood: Given Australia's extensive coastline, seafood plays a prominent role in modern Australian cuisine. Dishes featuring fresh seafood, such as cured fish, Tasmanian pacific oysters, and scallops, are popular choices on Sixty Smiths menu

Overall, modern Australian cuisine celebrates the diversity of Australia's culinary landscape while embracing innovation and creativity in the kitchen.

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